Siemens TIA Portal & s7-1200 PLC & Online Connection [2]

In this tutorial, you will learn how to change the IP address of your PLC to create a connection between PLC and PC successfully following up the tutorial Hardware configuration.

Parts Required


  • Siemens TIA Portal


  • s7-1200 1214 DC/DC/DC PLC

Check the IP address of your PC

To check the IP address that your PC has allocated you can start to open the Command Prompt application (CMD) and type “ipconfig”. As you can see in Figure[1], will appear your PC address aligned with the “IPv4 Address” of your Ethernet Adapter.

Figure [1] – Default TIA Portal Screen

Now that you have the IP address of your PC you have to decide which IP address will you define on your PLC. The IPs can’t be repeated. It means that if your PC address is you can’t define on your PLC too. You will have to choose one that start’s with 192.168.1. and end from 0 to 255.

To check if the IP address that you are thinking is being used, in CMD write “ping ” and then the IP address. You can have two responses. If the IP’s address is free you will have something like the Figure[2]. If it’s already used you will have something like Figure[3].

Figure [2] – The IP Address is free
Figure [3] – The IP Address being used

As you can see, I check the IP address and it is free, so we will use it for our PLC. Now after opening the TIA Portal Software, go to “Devices & Networks” separator, and with the PLC selected open the “PROFINET interface[X]” separator as you can see in Figure[4].

Figure [4] – Profinet Interface

After that use the scroll to go until the separator “IP Protocol”. This is the section that you can use to change your PLC address that in my case is as you can see in Figure[5].

Figure [5] – IP Protocol section

Now that we already made our changes in TIA Portal software we have to send this configuration to PLC Hardware. To do that you have to select the PLC separator and click on “Download to Device” button as you can see in Figure[6].

Figure [6] – Download to Device

Because it is the first time that we are downloading some program to one PLC, will appear an extended download to device window to fill out. In the PG/PC interface separator, you have to choose PN/IE. In PG/PC interface you have to choose your internet controller/adapter, that in my case is Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller. Now you are able to start searching for your device as you can see in Figure[7]. Don’t forget that, to search for your hardware, you have to plug an internet cable from your PC to your PLC.

Figure [7] – Start search for PLC

If everything is ok, will appear your PLC in the table below. If you want to be sure that you found the right PLC, you can use de flash led that is surrounded by orange color and verify if the PLC LEDs are blinking. Now is the time to Load your program to PLC by clicking on the Load button as you can see in Figure[8].

Figure [8] – Extended download to device

To avoid filling out every time that you actualize the program of your PLC, the TIA Portal gives you the opportunity to save the connection path for online access for default as you can see if Figure[9].

Figure [9] – Save online access by default

Now will appear a preview load window where you can make some little checks before downloading. To download click on Load button as you can see in Figure[10].

Figure [10] – Load Program

To check if everything was well done, in the load results window you will have the opportunity to start (Run) the PLC Program as you can see in Figure[11]. If the Run/Stop LED of PLC is green you have made everything ok, if is orange or the other LEDs are red, you could miss some steps and have to double-check them.

Figure [11] – Finish

To finish our post you will have to select the PLC hardware on the tree and click on the online button and verify if on the tree everything is green as you can see in Figure[12].

Figure [12] – Online Connection

This is the second post on Siemens TIA Portal. You have learned how to check the PLC of your PC, how to decide on an IP address for your Hardware, and how to create an online connection between PC and PLC.

If you like this kind of post, if you want to know more about siemens TIA Portal or if you have some doubts about the Industrial Automation area don’t forget to leave a comment.

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