How to make Personalized Christmas Balls 3D Printed

In this tutorial, you will learn all steps to design personalized Christmas balls.

In cooperation with 3Digo.

Parts Required

  • PowerPoint software;
  • SVG Image converter;
  • 3D Software (Ex: Fusion360);
  • 3D Printer;
  • PLA Filament;


To design your personalized Christmas ball you have to decide what you want to see in effects. I have decided that want to make a simple model with 3 different snowflakes and a name.

So, the first step is to make the outside of the ball (Figure 1). To do that, go to insert-shapes-oval. The main formats are:

  • No Shape fill;
  • Outside Edge black;
  • Width of outside edge 20 pts;
Figure 1 – Outside of the Christmas ball

After that, you need to create the part you will use to hang on the Christmas tree. To do that we use a black padlock clipart image (Figure 2) and replace it on top of our personalized ball (Figure 3).

Figure 2 – Clipart Image of a padlock
Figure 3 – Ball with Padlock

After making the exterior of your ball it’s time to fulfill it. To do that we have used 3 types of snowflakes as you can see in Figure 4, Figure 5, and Figure 6.

Figure 4 – Snowflake 1
Figure 5 – Snowflake 2
Figure 6 – Snowflake 3

As you can see, the snowflake number 3 is not a complete image but for our purpose doesn’t matter because we use it leaned to the ball edge. Now it’s time to fill your Christmas ball with those snowflakes with different sizes until you feel that it’s perfect ( Figure 7).

Figure 7 – Snowflake ball without name

To make the personalized name I use the “Edwardian Script ITC” letter because it’s kind of artistic and makes a perfect appointment. For that example, I use size 125 but you can adjust the letter size according to the name size (Figure 8).

Figure 8 – Ball almost finished

To finish your work in PowerPoint select all shapes, right-click, and save your personalized Christmas ball as image.

SVG Image converter

Now that you have your Christmas ball as image you have to convert it to SVG format. To do that I usually use an online free converter.

The only thing that you have to do is upload your ball image by clicking on button number 1 and then click on button number 2 (Figure 9).

Figure 9 – Online convert image to SVG format

This software will automatically download your SVG File that you should save for the next step.

Fusion 360

After opening Fusion 360 Software, go Insert-Insert SVG (Figure 10), open your SVG file and click finish sketch.

Figure 10 – Open SVG File

As you can see your design appears in Fusion 360 software. Now it’s time to end it. I usually make an extrude of 5mm just to give it a 3D form. My Christmas ball has 100 mm diameter so I scale it using the “Scale” algorithm. To finish I make my Christmas balls with 4 mm height, so I made another extrude to end the design (Figure 11).

Figure 11 – Design Finished
Figure 12 – 3DPrinted Christmas Ball

This post ends here. If you have doubts or want to know more about this 3D Print area don’t forget to leave a comment.

If you have designs to make and can’t do it, lets us know and we help you.

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