How to Design Candle Support for 3D printed Lithophanes


In this tutorial, you will learn all steps to design candle support for your Lithophanes.

In cooperation with 3Digo.

Parts Required

  • 3D Software (Ex: Fusion360)
  • 3D Printer;
  • ABS Filamment;

Fusion 360

To design this candle support I used Fusion software but you can use others. Fusion 360 is free if you are a student and can download it here. If you are not a student but if you want to have fusion for free it is possible too but only can use for personal use and have a year license and you can download it here.

ABS Filament

I Advise you to use for this support ABS filament or a filament that can support more temperature because the handle can reach high temperatures and the plastic can melt and start a fire.


This post ends here. Do not lose the next post of 3D Printing where you will learn how to make lamp support to illuminate the lithophane art.

If you have some doubts or want to know more about this 3D Print area don’t forget to leave a comment.

If you have designs to make and can’t do it lets us know and we help you.

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